The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky is a 2006 memoir by Ken Dornstein about his older brother David Dornstein, who was killed in the Pan Am 103 bombing on December 21, 1988.
"The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky is accomplished in so many ways: part thriller; part elegy; part biography; part meditation on grief. The technicalities of the story – the crash, the trial of the Libyans 10 years later - are handled with a reporter's precision. But more than anything else, (Ken) Dornstein is a wonderful writer. His brother David wanted to be a great writer. He died too soon for us to know if he ever would have been." - The Telegraph
This book has always been one of my favorites and I was glad to finally make something that represented how I felt about these brothers and the amazing book.
Storyboarded, animated by
Mentored by Adam Gault
Audio, Cementeries – I will run from you
This was a non-commercial project done in SVA, NY.​​​​​​​